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Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam who is famously known as Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam was an Indian Scientist and administrator as well. He was born on October 15, 1931, Rameswaram, India—died July 27, 2015, Shillong), Indian scientist and politician who played a leading role in the development of India’s missile and nuclear weapons programs. He was president of India from 2002 to 2007.

Kalam is popularly known as Missile Man of India for his contribution to the development of missile and technology. He penned down several books. Among them Wings Of Fire is his autobiography whichwas published in 1999.the book traces kalam’s life from an obscure to the success.

This prose Strong Root is an extract from the first chapter of his autobiography which gives us glimpses of Kalam’s childhood days.

Strong roots Summary

In Strong Roots , Dr.Kalam has walked down the childhood memory lane and through each and every incident he explained how it has helped him to shape up his personality and build a strong foundation for his progressive ideas.
Dr.Kalam has painted a pen-picture of his childhood in the island town of Rameshwaram at Tamil Nadu and described the simple and humble life of his childhood where her mom cooked rice, aromatic sambar, homemade pickle coupled with coconut chutney that provided him sheer happiness.

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His parents were considered ideal couple and they have always provided a secured childhood to Kalam which was free of materialistic shackles. While briefing his ancestral home on the Mosque Street in Rameshwaram ,he praised that the beauty of his locality lies in the unity of prayers of people from both Hindu and Muslim community that marked the perfect picture of communal harmony.

Kalam recounts one of the most vivid memory of his early childhood where the high priest of Rameshwaram Temple(which is at their locality) who was his father Jainulabdeen’s dear friend used to discuss their spiritual matter which displays tolerance and love that is the essence of true religion.

He has learnt true wisdom from his father that prayer is nothing but a means of communion of spirit between two souls and this prayer can actually help human being to go beyond his bodily existence and become a part of the cosmos. The cosmos knows no bound of wealth, age, cast, creed and religion. The idea shared by his father regarding true meaning of prayer actually made Kalam understood the relevance of actually prayer.

Abdul Kalam discovered new philosophy of human existence when his father explained him the complex theory of human existence and their pangs in a simple colloquial Tamil language when he enquired about people’s dependency on his father during their obscurity in their lives. To which his father explained every recurrent anguish, longing and desire need its special guide; for the people in hurdles and difficulties he just act as a mediator in their attempts to please demonic forces with prayers and offerings.

Somehow this reply this attitude form his father side gave him strange positive energy and enthusiasm. He recollects these philosophy ideas experiences as he gained from his parents as a reward and has applied them in every aspect of life.

His spiritual sensibility acquires nourishment since his childhood days that helped him to achieve happiness, freedom and peace of mind. He has constantly showed his strong connection with his parents, not only with his father but his mother Ashiamma’s regular feeding to distressed used to amaze him. Her mother’s generosity of spirit and cordial relations and treatment with others taught him the wisdom of equality in truest sense.

Strong roots Conclusion

On all accounts of life, Kalam has never failed to emulate his father’s teaching in his own world of science and technology. He has successfully managed to blend method and intuition in perfect harmony. Kalam has always accepted that his character his thoughts towards life, his philosophy has been deeply nourished and influenced by his father’s ideology. He can never deny the strong and deep rooted connection with his childhood and his parents which made him admired his parent’s learning that got imbibed in his character and in his mind just as a sermon. He had always felt his indispensable connection with his Strong Root.
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