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Q1. Explain the Title: Composed Upon Westminister Bridge.

Answer: In the sonnet “Composed Upon Westminister Bridge” the poet William Wordsworth, through its title has explained the magnificence of the beauty of the city life in London at early morning while solitarily getting over the Westminister Bridge. The poet is bewildered by the morning glory of the city landscape where the noise of the people is temporarily in latent stage. The city is usually throbbing with crowd but the peaceful majesty which is perfectly unusual with London city life acts as a perfect foil with the lifeless silenced city in poet’s mind as he observed in early morning.

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London wears the morning beauty like a piece of clothing. The poet’s mind never ceases to appreciate ‘nature’s own grand spectacles’. He goes on to demonstrate the imagery of the nature—the way that the river (which he personifies) glides along at the slow pace it chooses.

Wordsworth’s strongly felt emotions have been expressed loud and clear through the projection of his title of the poem.

The title seems to appear as a delightful tune playing perfect harmony in the poet’s heart and is more than justified taking the readers to a brief beautiful peaceful metropolitan journey through the alleys of poet’s mind.

Q2. How does the poet describe the beauty of the city in the morning?

Answer: From the beginning of the poem, the poet has complained the readers that the people who failed to appreciate the idyllic morning beauty of metropolitan London, who has no time to enjoy such a majestic vista of London landscape is a people with ‘dull soul’.

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London wears the morning beauty like a piece of clothing. The ships, towers, and other landscapes of London like skyline, The Tower of London are standing serene (the world hasn’t begun to stir yet) and ‘bare’. Here there is no gaudiness but plain and simple beauty, despite the man-made origins of these structures. The London Fog didn’t play spoil sport by enveloping the beauty of the city life.

In wordsworth’s words I believe that my habits of meditation have so formed my feelings, as that my descriptions of such objects as strongly excite those feelings, will be found to carry along with them a purpose.” He truly meditates the nature in his own way forming divine connection with the landscape. The rustic beauty of the silenced metropolitan amidst early morning in a way justifies his words.

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The Westminister Bridge, the worldly objects as clutter around the city reflects mesmerizing beauty which stands like a scaffold between physical delight and poet’s inward mind’s artistic fancy. The beauty of the city is surreal which hits instantly to the poet’s mind.


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