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Jimmy Valentine গল্পের লেখক পরিচিতি

O’Henry pseudonym of William Sydney Porter, a short story writer was born on September 11 and died on June 5, 1910. Besides being a short story writer, he had also worked as a journalist as well as a bank-teller. His work reflects the effect of coincidence on character through humour and grim and often has surprise-endings a device that has became identified with his name and works providing immense critical flavor.

His note worthy works are-
Cabbages and Kings (1904)
The Four Million (1906)
The Trimmed Lamp and Other Stories (1907)
The Gentle Grafter (1908)
Roads to Destiny (1909) etc

Jimmy Valentine Source

Jimmy Valentine was actually named A Retrieved Reformation in 1909 that later was adopted into a movie named Jimmy Valentine. The present title of the story has been derived from the title of the aforementioned movie name.

Jimmy Valentine Summary

Jimmy the enigmatic protagonist was a skilled seasoned safe-cracker who was sent for four years imprisonment for his burglary. His interests lie only in opening safe using his trickery as his character possess the quality of easily garnering trust of strangers. The crux of the story is about the resurrection of the soul of Jimmy through series of events as he immediately falls head over heels for Annabel, the daughter of bank manager of Elmore.

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The story opens with Jimmy getting released from jail sooner (due to his network of friends outside) in poor prison-issued attire turning deaf ears to the overtly moral words; coming from the jail warden who lectures him to refrain the path of burglary and to opt a fair path. He walked straight to a restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous meal and then boarded a train in order to meet his companion Mike Dolan, who also ran a café. Jimmy entered his room above café to collect the tools for his’ age old businesses’ which he planned to revive.

Three months passed, just after he was freed from the jail three safe-cracking cases were soon reported. Ben Price, the sleuth soon figured out after the investigation that the soul brain behind these cases could be only Jimmy as the style and the skill matches with Jimmy and he is the one to whom last time he chased and arrested locking Jimmy to prison only.

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In the meantime, Jimmy soon changed his address to Elmore, Arkansas where he cloaked under the character of Ralph D Spencer who introduced himself as a respected shoe-owner in the town Elmore as he falls head over heels for Annabel Adam’s striking beauty at first sight.

She is the daughter of the bank-owner of Elmore and this incident marked the beginning of reformation of Jimmy’s character.
Later, in order to shield his crooked identity he took up his false business of shoe-maker seriously and gradually get access to success and fulfillment of wealth within a brief period of time which actually act as a gate pass to enter into the society of Adams. He soon climbs the social ladder in no time winning the love and trust of Annabel and her family. They soon get engaged and unknowingly these series of incidents gradually fades out his identity of Jimmy Valentine emerging himself as Ralph D Spencer.

As soon as his marriage got fixed with the approval of Annabel’s father, he penned down a letter to his friend Spenser and asked him to meet at Little Rock in order to return the safecracking tools set. Meanwhile, Ben Price was in pursuit of him and after several attempts he also got trace of Jimmy in Elmore and decided to catch him red-handed.

After reaching Elmore, Ben spotted Jimmy as Ralph who is known to be getting married with Bank manager’s daughter shortly. Besides that, Ben enlightened himself about the fact behind nuptial ties of Jimmy with Annabel assuming Jimmy’s new modus operandi for robbing Mr.Adam’s bank.

On the other hand, Jimmy was warmly welcomed in the family of Adams especially by Mr.Adams and to such extend that one fine day he tagged Jimmy aka Ralph along with him to his bank in order to show him his new bank safe locker with other family members. Jimmy was accompanied by Annabel, Annabel’s married sisters and their two daughters May and Agatha.

But the worst was yet to happen as suddenly Agatha playfully get locked by her sister in the vault!

Adding to their woes, the fact is that inspite of having impeccable knowledge about safes and locks Ralph was unable to help in this situation which turned completely fiasco. Moreover, Agatha was running out of air in the vault and Annabel seeks Jimmy’s help in this hysterical situation unknowingly (that he is the best person for this job).

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Meanwhile, there was another pair of eyes watching closely the whole situation from the other corner of the bank. Ben was keeping keen watch on Jimmy’s activities. Out of compassion or his ardent love for his lady, he uses his criminal activity and his knowledge now all for good reason in order to save a life risking his own false identity.

He asked for the rose that he gifted Annabel as a token of love and then at once he indulged himself in the action by removing his coat. He unboxed his toolbox which he was about to return and for the last time in his life he woke up as Jimmy Valentine again and now for the good and finally unlocked Agatha under everyone’s presence.

Everyone stood astounded and finally when he decided to walk away from the bank but a large figure blocked his way.

Jimmy greeted warmly to Ben, “Got around at last, have you? Well, let’s go. I don’t know that it makes much difference, now.”

Surprisingly, after beholding the whole incident Ben acknowledges Jimmy’s redemption by refusing to identify him as “Jimmy Valentine” and walks away leaving Jimmy to revive as Ralph D Spenser for his new life cycle.

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