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What did Jimmy write to his old friend in St. Louis? Why did he write so?

Answer- As soon as his marriage got fixed with the approval of Annabel’s father, he penned down a letter to his friend Spenser and asked him to meet at Little Rock in order to return the safecracking tools set.
In order to give up his miscreant’s life he decided to meet his old friend Spenser and gave detail about his new phase and finally in order to wind up small matters related to past life he decided to catch up his friend at a café.

What role does Ben Price play in the story ‘Jimmy Valentine?

Answer- Ben’s character stands as a sharp contrast to Jimmy’s nature of felony. He is the epitome of a moral, hardworking being, a sleuth who religiously pursues Jimmy throughout the year in order to get the whiff of his criminal activities. Jimmy and Ben’s cat and mouse game dates back to long history. After several failed attempts, he caught Jimmy red-handed and was the sole person behind Jimmy’s imprisonment.
Three months passed, just after he was freed from the jail three safe-cracking cases were soon reported. Ben Price, the sleuth soon figured out after the investigation that the soul brain behind these cases could be only Jimmy as the style and the skill matches with Jimmy and he is the one to whom last time he chased and arrested locking Jimmy to prison only.

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Ben Price was in pursuit of him and after several attempts he also got trace of Jimmy in Elmore and decided to catch him red-handed. After reaching Elmore, Ben spotted Jimmy as Ralph who is known to be getting married with Bank manager’s daughter shortly. Besides that, Ben enlightened himself about the fact behind nuptial ties of Jimmy with Annabel assuming Jimmy’s new modus operandi for robbing Mr.Adam’s bank.
While following Jimmy at the end of the story when Ben realized the gravity of the upcoming danger regarding the girl who locked herself playfully in the locker, he justified Jimmy’s act of breaking vault out of humanity and for good reason. Ben acknowledged Jimmy’s redemption by refusing to identify him as “Jimmy Valentine” and walks away leaving Jimmy to revive as Ralph D Spenser for his new life cycle. Ben’s altruistic nature triggers Jimmy heroically to rip off his identity as Jimmy Valentine.

Short Notes: Character sketch of Jimmy

Answer- Jimmy the enigmatic protagonist was a skilled seasoned safe-cracker who was sent for four years imprisonment for his burglary. His interests lie only in opening safe using his trickery as his character possess the quality of easily garnering trust of strangers.
Though at the initial part of the story Jimmy has been portrayed as a human being who holds no remorse for his evil deeds as O’Henry described him as ‘blankly virtuous’ while he got released from his long imprisonment. He is cunning and takes immense pride of his accomplishments. He blatantly lies about his innocence on the face of the jail authorities considering his crimes despite knowing his own true colour. Straight from the jail he head towards his secret den in order to renew his ‘age old business’ of burglary and soon drive his mind into making plans for his next mission.

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When we gradually delve into the plot we discover that in order to shield his crooked identity he takes up his false business of shoe-maker seriously and gradually get access to success and fulfillment of wealth within a brief period of time which actually act as a gate pass to enter into the society of Adams. He soon climbs the social ladder in no time winning the love and trust of Annabel and her family. They soon get engaged and unknowingly these series of incidents gradually fades out his identity of Jimmy Valentine emerging himself as Ralph D Spencer. Through this process Jimmy emerged as a new character named Ralph and with the newly acquired character he soon realized that Ralph has earned him respect, trust and love of not only his partner and her family but form the whole community of Elmore. At the end of the story, Jimmy even risked his chance of getting caught in order to save the life of a human.

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O’Henry states the social conundrum about a human spirit through the exploration of the character of Jimmy. As the character of Jimmy gets unveiled through every layers and each layers brings different flavor of the character that leads to ultimate redemption of the character. Paradoxically Jimmy employs dishonesty to unearth his honesty at the end of the story in order to save one life and thus redemption of Jimmy is confirmed .

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