Our Runway Kite

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Summary of Our Runway Kite

‘Our Runaway Kite’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery is a unique short story depicting vividly the value of relationships in today’s bifurcated, separated, disunited family structure. The story reminds us of a sense of togetherness, fellow feeling which is unfortunately absent in the modern so–called civilized world.
Claude, the narrator and their father lived in an isolated island, ‘The Big Half Moon’. In the winter, when the harbour gets frozen, they have to shift to the mainland where Claude and the narrator get scope of having the company of others. With the help of a boy, Claude learns to make Kite and so the narrator.
One day, in a day of grand wind in the island the narrator accidentally made a hole in the kite. To repair in a hurry they found an old letter lying idle in the bookcase. They mended the kite immediately with the sheet and started flying the kite higher and higher up.
Suddenly the cord tore and the kite sailed away towards the mainland. Eventually, their aunt Esther noticed the letter used for mending the kite. She became astonished to find it the same letter she had written once to her brother. Her face turned pale in no time. Soon she contacted her brother i.e. the narrator’s father and they all  started living together.  In this way the macro-family got reunited after long separation.

Some important questions of  with their answers

Q1.When does the narrator leave the island?

Ans: In winter, when the harbour is frozen over, the narrator, Claude and their father move over to the mainland.

Q2. What did the narrator’s kite look like?

Ans:The narrator’s kite was big covered with lovely red paper and gold tinsel stars pasted all over it.

Q3. What were the names of Aunt Esther’s father and mother?

Ans: Pilippa was the name of Aunt Esther’s mother and Claude was her father’s.

Q.4 How did Claude and the narrator enjoy every summer on the ‘Big Half Moon Island’?

Ans:Claude and the narrator enjoyed every summer with the hobby of making a lot of Kites. They used to play shipwrecked mariners, signalling to each other with kites.

Q5. Why did Claude and the narrator patch the kite up with an old letter?

Ans:Claude and the narrator found no more red paper in the light house. No sooner had they found an old letter on the bookcase than they started patching the kite up with it.

Q6. How did the kite help the narrator’s father to get reunited with their long lost relatives?

Ans: Aunt Esther found how a kite patched up with an old letter which she had once written to her brother. Soon she contacted and the family got reunited with each other.

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